01-2022 Talking my PR for Canada

Now I’m talking SymLa-3000’s PR for Canada, July 2022. I’m featrued in these sites below, they introduce me kindly and I look like incredibly cool !! Thanks So much, and so honored. Also great thanks to Eric Alper (Music Publicist, SiriusXM Host, From Canada)

〇FINDYOURSOUNDS (June 29, 2022)

〇TINNITIST (June 30, 2022)  By Darryl Sterdan 

-Tinnitist is the most widely-read music blog in the country, written by Canada’s most-followed music critic on social media!-  By Eric Alper

〇Metaldevastationradio (June 30, 2022)

〇CASHBOX CANADA (July 01, 2022)

-Cashbox is the leading Canadian industry-read website- By Eric Alper

〇RECORD WORLD (United States) (July 01, 2022)

-Record World is the 2nd-oldest music industry publication behind Billboard- By Eric alper

〇ROCK CONNECTION 77 (July 05, 2022)

〇BK On The Scene (July 06, 2022)


Written by Hakula


Singer/Songwriter of "SymLa-3000", rock and pop music from Japan. Since 2020, released2 singles and 1 album.

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