01-2023 How did I start to write songs?

I really like music, as you do. I used to listen to music as a listener, but now I'm a singer/songwriter, you might wonder how I got here. I'm going to talk about my music history a little bit from my childhood to late days.

When I was a child, I learned the piano. I liked it, but on the other hand I also liked the theme songs of Japanese animation played on TV at that time.  Actually, I liked better to listen to the songs than to watch stories, sometimes I often stared at the screen of TV to get the subtitles of the lyrics. Because they moved so fast, I asked my mom earnestly to get and write them down. Really I needed to know them for me to SING! I believe it was so bothersome for her to do it. (Mom, thank you so much! 🙂 

And one day, maybe I was 3rd or 4th grade student, suddenly I got an idea that maybe I could compose songs with the piano. With a piece of paper and a pencil, I don't know why, but I tried to create the title of the song at first. And next, I tried to make the melodies. For a while I struggled, I gave up making it  finally. I was disappointed and closed a fallboad of the piano alone, realizing how hard it was to write a song. Don't you think this is exactly a sign of my songwriting??

After I got my job, I started vocal lessons. My vocal coach said to me that I could choose the songs for my lessons. I chose some songs and took them to the lessons for about a year, but honestly I didn't feel strong passions to want to sing them. Yes, I realized that I had no songs I wanted to sing at that time though there were lots of songs in the world around me ! Then I thought like this;

"OK, I will compose my original songs."

I didn't see that coming, it was totally unexpected by myself. Anyway, after this decison, I started learning how to compose songs. My coach was sax player and used many kinds of chords like magic. I learned a lot of basic things from her.

It's passed so long time since I gave up making my original songs. Now I've become a singer-songwriter and release songs as SymLa-3000. If I could tell her who was a elementary school student about this, how would she react to me? I wish I could see it !

Written by Hakula


Singer/Songwriter of "SymLa-3000", rock and pop music from Japan. Since 2020, released2 singles and 1 album.

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