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★11/6 The Website has been redesigned

★5/19 Updating blog: New article in “Japanese culture of seasons”,

Vol.6 Rikka (May.5 ~May.20)

★5/3 Updating blog: New  article in “Japanese culture of seasons”

Vol.5 Koku-u (April.19~May.4)

★3/11 Updating blog: Two new articles in “Japanese culture of seasons”

Vol.1 About twebty-four sekki

Vol.2 Keichitsu(March.5~March19)

★SymLa-3000 is featured, on the web site THE MAGAZINE about “Rejected”

““SymLa-3000” just dropped the new and hot song “Rejected”. It will contain the song ‘Rejected’ . Enjoy the Alternative sound from the far east Asia.” (-from THE MAGAZINE the above.)

「Rejected」just dropped on Jan 26th, 2020,  ‘iTunes’, ‘Spotify’, ‘Apple Music’, ‘Google Play Music’, ‘Amazon Music’ etc.

“Rejected” gets more than 200 views so far (Feb, 4nd) on Youtube

Thank you so much !

★Opened on January 22nd, 2020