SymLa-3000 is rock /heavy metal/alternative music by Hakula.
The name of SymLa-3000 comes from the Japanese word “Shinra-Bansyo” (森羅万象) which means the nature or the entire universe, and the word “Sympathize”.

【Songs & Lyrics & Arrangement & Vocal】


Composing by cubase, playing the piano and the guitar. Writing blogs about my favorite bands and vocalists. 

【The single “Rejected” was released on January 25, 2020.】 

The Music Video is collaborated with Yuri SaitoFrom Here

【Special Thanks to 】 Supported by the musicians below

Akira Tejima  (Gt)

T. Ochoco Saita  (Dr)

M. Kitamura  (Ba)

Yuki Hayashi  (Gt)

Miho Okazaki  (Dr)

M. Togashi (Dr)

Lav (Dr)