Vol.3 Shunbun (春分)

Shunbun from March.20 ~ April.3 (in 2020)

Around March.20, we have the Vernal Equinox Day. We know that the lengths of time of day and night are equal on this day. From this day, the length of the day is getting longer and longer gradually. The term of Shunbun begins from this day and continues for two weeks.

Seasonal wagashi, Japanese sweets from Kyoto

Here I’m gonna show you some beautiful Japanese sweets wagashi. They are so cute and extremely delicate, and beautiful. Makers of Japanese sweets use seasonal fruit or something and shape them kind of seasonal objects that reminds us spring season.

First of all, Sakura-mochi. It is pink color mochi with a leaf of cherry blossoms which is preserved with salt. Sweet bean paste is wrapped in pink-color mochi, and when we eat it a mouthful, the smell of Cherry blossoms spread in our mouth and nose. I didn’t like Sakura-mochi so much so far, but this one of Chokyudo (長久堂) in Kyoto is very nice and tasty, I like it.

This one presents spring fields or mountains. In spring, we can see flowers which are going to bloom among green-color mountains or fields. This is exactly the views of spring in Japan !

This one is with strawberry paste. The paste is wrapped in this pink mochi shaped in flower motif. So cute and delicate, it’s hard for me to decide to eat…


This one is yomogi-mochi, with sweet bean paste inside. Yomogi is a mugwort. The leafs of mugwort smells so vernal, we feel spring from the tastes of the leafs.

This shop below is one of famous wagashi shop “Shichijo-kansyundo” (七條甘春堂) in Kyoto. Here we can enjoy eating wagashi and taking a rest for a while in the Japanese style rooms. I guess it’s very quiet and calm if you are alone…. I like here, and often go shopping for wagashi.

Seasonal flowers in Kyoto

Around this term, we can see camellia not only in fields and mountains but also gardens in Kyoto. There are many kinds of camellia in Japan, we can see them in Jonan-gu Shrine in Kyoto. I recommend this garden to you if you are interested in camellia. We can see some rare kinds of it in the garden.

Camellia are beautiful even when they’ve fallen down on the ground.


And cherry blossoms. They seem they’re gonna bloom as soon as they are ready. The buds are already pink.




About SymLa-3000

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SymLa-3000 is rock / metal music project produced by Hakula. The name of SymLa-3000 comes from the Japanese word "Shinra-Bansyo" (森羅万象) which means the nature or the entire universe, and the word "Sympathize". I have just started my activities on Jan.22nd.