Music-13- Acid Black Cherry 

★Yasu, the lead singer of Janne Da Arc and Acid Black Cherry (ABC)

I wouldn’t be where I am as a singer/songwriter without this voice. Yasu, who was the lead singer of Janne Da Arc and Acid Black Cherry (“ABC” below) has sung their unique worldview for more than 20 years. Of course I like his voice from the Janne Da Arc-era, but I definitely like his voice in his ABC era much better than that. I especially like his voice on ABC’s first album, “Black List”.


★Singing and struggling, I’m gonna tell you about myself just a little.

-I happened to see Yasu singing on a TV and I immediately sensed that I should never quit.-

 In the early days when I started singing, I could hardly make my voice sound as I intended, and I struggled with how to learn it. This is also because I couldn’t gel with the singing method of my voice teacher. I remember it was hard and I was so discouraged. I was afraid that the things I did were totally useless, and sometimes I wondered if I was going to quit singing.

One day, totally by chance, I happened to see Yasu singing on a TV program. For me he appeared suddenly and started to sing. It was just for about 5 minutes, but I was completely drawn into his voice itself. It was so strong, beautiful, bright, free and easy. And I immediately sensed that I should never quit. I didn’t know the reason why, but I thought like this: “As long as there is such a nice voice like his in this world, I will be able to keep going until my dreams come true. Never give up.” I was so sure. I still don’t know exactly why, but I know it was kind of like being told my calling, kind of a revelation. I have never met such an impressive moment before or since, I think.

★“Sho-jo No Inori III” (少女の祈りIII)

With his songs, he often tells us messages about being hurt or being rejected. I think the song “Sho-jo No Inori III” (少女の祈りIII)really represents ABC’s worldview.


★At concerts, such a warm heart toward fans

I felt his natural voice attracted me as soon as I heard just one word. When he sang a long phrase, he could make his voice brighter and brighter, longer and longer towards phrase’s end. His visual line for fans was so cool and sexy. He had such a warm heart toward fans that I could feel his tenderness even with his talking between songs. I thought his ability to win the hearts and minds of audience was incredible. By the way, at that time I saw a big foreign guy enjoying himself as he swung his arms overhead. It made me happy, I realized that music is a universal language. That’s what Yasu can do!

★When I get really, really tired, the ballad “Scar”

I like the ballad “Scar”, though maybe not so many people like it. In this song I can feel the greatness of his voice in a simple way. How to whisper, how to sing painfully... his voice quality is amazing. Solid, sexy, bright, I guess it’s like diamonds. Shiny! I don’t know the reason why, I tend to want to listen to this song when I get really, really tired.


★Now Yasu has ceased all his music activities,

because of an injury to his neck. As a fan, I want him to take a long rest now. I sincerely hope he can come back on stage . I believe someone will be encouraged by his voice just like I was once.

About SymLa-3000

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SymLa-3000 is rock / metal music project produced by Hakula. The name of SymLa-3000 comes from the Japanese word "Shinra-Bansyo" (森羅万象) which means the nature or the entire universe, and the word "Sympathize". I have just started my activities on Jan.22nd.