Music-10- Avenged Sevenfold 

Avenged Sevenfold (A7X),would definitely be number one. Must listen album “City of Evil”.

If I counted the total number of plays of each artist I like, Avenged Sevenfold (A7X, and so forth) would definitely be number one, I’m sure.When I listened to the album “City of Evil” for the first time, I fell in love with the voice of M. Shadows, and that’s the reason I’ve listened to their albums so much. First of all, his voice has high quality. It’s low, thick, heavy, and surprisingly, it’s airy and soft for our ears, so it is comfortable to listen to. Even when he produces death-voices or shouts, I can hear his voice comfortably. I think this is very rare voice in the metal music field.

★The amazing voice of M. Shadows, it's unbelievably stable.

Second of all, I like the way he sings songs so strongly and directly. He seems to have no hesitation. I wonder if it’s the expression of his attitude of never wavering. Anyway, it’s awesome!

I guess that’s just his true self. Once I went to their live show and listened his real voice, and I was so surprised that it seemed to be exactly the same as the recorded songs on their CD albums. His voice was unbelievably stable.

★I think A7X’s is kind of “on offense”, evil, and forceful.

They sound like cutting steel roughly, and I like all these points. The world view of their lyrics has anger against social systems, the sadness of loss, negative feelings or emotions in the bottom of our hearts, and these are sometimes expressed by metaphors. Their lyrics are so interesting to me that they touch my heart.

★His impressive shouting at the beginning part of “Critical Acclaim”

M. Shadows shouts with his death voice and it’s soooo cool. I’m happy to listen to this song because it represents them so well. He shouts so nice!

★I dare to choose the album “Hail to the King” to recommend

I have so many recommendations for you that I can’t share them all here, almost to the point that it bothers me! You know, “City of Evil” is their best-selling album and is well-liked by everyone, so I dare to choose the album “Hail to the King” to recommend. From this album, the song of “Hail to the King” is cool. At the beginning, I hear the metallic sound of the guitar like sharp steel, and the next thing I know, the sound of the loud cymbal is coming in so heavily. Not many songs have such an attractive heaviness like this.

★It might be a little strange, but I like “M.I.A” the best.

I really like M. Shadows’ voice and the resonance at the melody part in the beginning of this song.


★The album “Nightmare”, the song “So Far Away”

-When we talk about A7X, we have to face the incident of The Rev’s death in 2009. -

He had been the drummer of A7X since they got together in 1999. After this unfortunately happened, they released the album “Nightmare”. The song “So Far Away” on this album is a song about telling The Rev their love and tender feelings. I can’t listen to this song without weeping. They ask him a question with the lyric “Will you stay away forever?”, then they tell him the message “You can stay away forever”, and at last they cry “Your pain is gone, your hand untied”. These lyrics touch my heart so deeply because of their simplicity.

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