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★SymLa-3000 is original music project by Hakula, Alternative / Metal / Rock

Nice to meet you! Thank you sooooo much for coming to this site! I’m Hakula. WhenI introduce myself in both English and Japanese, it's Hakula*白桜.


I am a singer/songwriter, lyricist, and composer of SymLa-3000, which is my original music project supported by the musicians who play metal/rock music. I’m always so thankful for their support.


★Music and my life, life has its ups and downs.

In my life, I’ve listened to all kinds of cool metal/rock songs. I’ve come to know lots of incredible singers with voices that shook my soul, and I have been impressed by them so much. I have been to their concerts and really felt at one with the live music there. I’ve been so happy to have these experiences and I’ve been impressed by them so much. I can’t put all my happiness into one single word.


Life has its ups and downs. When I’ve been in the downs in my own life, especially in the worst of those, I was really thankful that I could sing, and have music always by my side. Singing and music gave the power to stand back up.


★To be a singer-songwriter

I began to feel that I wanted to sing melodies born from inside myself, and to produce songs that I would think were cool. I started to create my own original songs, and when I did I was at a stage where I knew nothing about producing music, and didn’t know any chords. All I had was one belief: that I could do songwriting, I was so sure. The next stage for me was to wish that I could share my songs with the audience and that they would enjoy them with me.

★Inspired by the great bands, great artists’ songs, novels, movies, Japanese animations like AKIRA

I always try to start with getting a sense of where the melodies are coming from, and I’m inspired by lots of things at the same time, such as the great bands that I’ve listened to, great artists’ songs, novels, movies, Japanese animation (I love AKIRA so much!), photos which I love, and my own memories.

In this blog, I’ll show you the articles about my favorite metal/rock artists. I hope you’ll check it out, and read them light heartedly as my personal feelings.


  From Hakula*白桜



About SymLa-3000

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SymLa-3000 is rock / metal music project produced by Hakula. The name of SymLa-3000 comes from the Japanese word "Shinra-Bansyo" (森羅万象) which means the nature or the entire universe, and the word "Sympathize". I have just started my activities on Jan.22nd.